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The Academy: Preschool/Pre-K

The Academy, located at 130 Cook Rd., serves students from 2.5 through 5 years old. The Academy offers both traditional school year and year round options for half and full days. We blend teacher-directed and child-initiated activities to encourage academic success for preschool students in all developmental stages in the areas of Language Arts, Handwriting, Math, Science, and Bible. We believe children learn through a combination of structured activities and play. Enrichment programs are provided for our all day students including Music, Library, Gym, and Art.

Flexible Schedules / Enrichment Programs

We can be very flexible with schedules by offering 1/2 day and full day learning in our preschool through Kindergarten. We even offer enrichment experiences for children of working families by providing before and after school programs. We are here to work with you to make your child’s experience the best possible scenario for development and readiness in their academic career.

Open Space

We have plenty of room! Our learning environments are large and open. Our location (130 Cook Road) is central to the city and accommodates families coming from different directions.

Affordable Pricing

We offer very competitive rates, as compared to other programs. We know that the cost of child development is very high. We work very hard to provide the best development at a cost that will save you money.



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