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Dear EdChoice Families:

We are quickly approaching the EdChoice application/renewal window for the 2024/25 school year. EdChoice opens the window
sometime in February. As we gear up for the 2024/25 EdChoice application/renewal process, please keep the following in mind:
EdChoice is a scholarship awarded through the State of Ohio. LCS has no control over the award or denial of the scholarship. Lebanon
Christian has no control over the length of time it takes the State to award. However, please note that the Renewal process generally goes
MUCH faster!

It is your responsibility to complete the Income Verification (if required) and YOU send the Income Verification with correct income
information to the State. If the State requests additional income verification, it is your responsibility to send additional documentation to
the State in a timely manner. Income Verification is not needed for Traditional unless you want to try for below 200% income status. If
you are on Expansion and renewing your Scholarship you do not need to verify income again UNLESS you want to try for a lower
income bracket than last year. Reminder, if you are at/below 200% on the income chart we accept the voucher as full payment of your
tuition. If over 200% on the income chart you will need to pay the difference between your voucher and our tuition. Tuition payments
will be paid through your FACTS account automatically and can be made in full, biannually or in monthly installments.
To renew, the school needs the Request for Renewal 24/25 form and proof of address. (Easiest is a current utility bill). We do not need the
birth certificate to renew. Hard copies only. We will no longer be accepting digital documents. Please provide hard copies to the school
office of all required documents. Please do not scan and email. (If your account is not current with the main office you are not
considered enrolled and your EdChoice Request will not be submitted to the State until your account is made current). Families also need
to be reenrolled at LCS, before I can submit your Edchoice to the state.

EdChoice can be used for tuition only. It does not cover your fees. For the 2024/25 school year we are allowing the SSS&P Fee and the
Safety Fee, if you choose, to be rolled into your tuition payment plan. Enrollment and Curriculum fees must be paid before the start of

In the event you are not deemed Eligible for a scholarship by the first day of school, tuition payments will be withheld through your
FACTS account until your scholarship application is moved to Eligible. When your application is moved to Awarded/Accepted and we
have received a payment from EDChoice a refund will be issued for any overpayment of tuition.

If you have any questions regarding the EdChoice Application process, please let me know. I am here to help.

EdChoice Income Verification

2024-2025 EdChoice Request Form

2024-2025 EdChoice Renewal Form

In HIS Service,
Dana Perkins
Director of Admissions