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Lebanon Christian Elementary School


The LCS philosophy is to incorporate the best curriculum possible for our students to reach their highest potential.   All curriculum is taught by Christian teachers through a biblical worldview.  Academic excellence and spirituality emphasis is combined to develop the top Christian Leaders of the future.

S.T.A.R. (Student – Teacher – Academic – Resource) Program

Our school-wide focus is to develop Christian leaders and guide each student to reach their full academic potential. To facilitate this goal our intervention teachers will be assisting all students and classroom teachers to develop a positive atmosphere of working and learning.

Elementary Curriculum

K-3 Reading and Phonics: Bob Jones
2-5th gr Reading: Novel studies. Bob Jones
K-1 ELA: Bob Jones
2-5th gr ELA: Bob Jones
K-5 Math: Bob Jones
K: Science and History: Bob Jones
1-5th Science and History: Bob Jones
K-5th Bible: Positive Action



LCS is dedicated to building the next generation of Christian leaders.