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Learning Environment

Our students consistently score 10 to 20 points above average in all categories on the nationally normed achievement tests. Students do not take state testing unless they are part of the Edchoice program. Focus is placed on preparing students for ACT and SAT testing.

Our successful learning environment is characterized by the following:

  • Staff members are born-again Christians and are dedicated to the nurturing of children in the Lord.
  • Classes are small and are conducted in a traditional setting. We strive for a student/teacher ratio of 20:1 in the 1st-8th grade with lower ratios in preschool-kindergarten.
  • Music, art, gym, chapel, library and field trips are part of the regular curriculum.
  • Teachers follow a rigorous curriculum.
  • The school day begins with prayer, and pledges to the Bible, Christian flag, and American flag.
  • Parent involvement is encouraged and evident at every level of the organization.
  • To prepare students for life in a global society, Lebanon Christian Schools offer Spanish in grades K-8.
  • Lebanon Christian Schools is dedicated to bringing current technology into the classroom. Students are exposed to various forms of technology and safety lessons on social media.
  • Lebanon Christian Schools is dedicated to the individual needs of students. This includes programs for the accelerated learner as well as an excellent intervention program for academic support.



LCS is dedicated to building the next generation of Christian leaders.